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Moving South

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shasta_stop Mount Shasta ,California
After a couple of days in Grants Pass, we’re starting a return to Southern Utah.

lake Walker Lake, Nevada
Walker Lake is a natural lake, 50.3 mi² in area, in the Great Basin in western Nevada in the United States. It is 18 mi long and 7 mi wide, in northwestern Mineral County along the east side of the Wassuk Range, about 75 mi southeast of Reno.

near tonapahNVApproaching Tonopah, Nevada

pahrump_nv_sm Pahrump, Nevada . Nevada Treasure RV Resort

It’s probably the highest bit of land above sea level in Bullard’s State Park along the Oregon Coast.  It makes sense that this would be the location for a family cemetery. It’s quiet and hidden away from the raging coastal storms. It’s a peaceful place of rest hidden in a misty forest.

A Great Read: Oregon South Coast HistoryIn the 1850’s white settlers arrived at the location where the Coquille River enters the Pacific Ocean. Two of the earliest people were Edward Fahy from Ireland and John Hamblock from Germany. They had moved up the coast from Port Orford to the Coquille River and in 1858 they established a small lumber mill near what is now Bullard’s State Park. The park gets it’s name from the Bullard family which opened a general store near the saw mill. They also created a ferry system to cross the Coquille River. For the growing population of settlers the Bullard General Store became a gathering place and a community center. The upper floor of the store housed a small dance hall which brought folks together for festive times. During the holidays a band of local musicians would play their fiddles, accordions and banjos. The cemetery was pretty much kept a secret within the park but recently more folks were finding and visiting the site. It’s very, very close to where visitors camp while at Bullard’s SP so the park decided to open the site to visitors by putting in a path and creating a signed entrance.



Bullard's Cemetery



For some haunted information on who is buried here.

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