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Blue and I arrived in Zion today. We’re in South Campground alongside co-hosts Cathy and Bill Palmer. Their huge motorhome makes ours look like a Hobbit house! Fall has arrived with warm days and cooler nights, yet there’s still a hint of summer in the sound of the evening crickets. The campground is Full!! This has been one of the busiest years in the Park’s history.

If you have a motorhome and you live in it, you’ll get the feeling you’re living in a fishbowl UNLESS you get sunshades for your windows, especially a sunshade your front windshield. When I purchased my rolling office/house way back in 2004 it arrived complete with custom sunshades for the front windows. It was a no brainer for me.sunscreens_before

Ten years later the sunshades are looking worn and feeling brittle as though they’ll crack if I roll them up for storage. Time for new RVsunshades. My originals were made by the RVsunshade Company so I scheduled the same company to stop by my site in Pahrump to fit a new shade which would match up with the “snaps” I already had installed on the coach. Kenny White of RVsunshades by Solarista came over make and install a new front shade. Here’s the process:






New front RVsunshade and two wiper covers…$269.00
Windshield sunshades are, in my opinion, an essential add-on for a motorhome. They offer privacy but most important they stop the glare coming through the front windows. Keep in mind most motorhome side windows are tinted. Tint is not applied to the front windshield which makes it safer while driving but not comfortable to look through when you’re sitting still at your campsite. Well worth the cost.

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