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It’s kind of a “Back to the Future” day for Blue. He’s been on vacation in Pasco for the last several weeks while I had some medical procedures done in Portland. I left Portland at 9:30 and Mack Ledgerwood left Pasco at the same time.

20151021_093143_Richtone(HDR)   He wanted to give his vintage truck a little exercise as well. It all worked well.  We met at a halfway point in the Columbia River Gorge at the little town of Rufus. Being ill for the last couple of months has definitely brought some dark thoughts of not being able to travel again, but this little trip, the first outing I’ve taken since June, was a real wake up call for me to get well and start moving again. It was warm, clear and beautiful weather to travel.
mack and blue arrive That’s Mack and Blue in the white truck. I was hoping for a grand reunion with Blue and a nice picture or video to show everyone the happy reunion. Fact is, Blue doesn’t like traveling via car over long distances. He gets anxious and pants the entire trip and to solve that he took a puppy safe travel sedative before leaving Pasco. In a nutshell, Blue was a zombie when our grand reunion took place.

It was a quick turnaround. Blue and I were back in Portland by 1:30pm and I suspect Blue is still wondering what happened. Where have all his Schnauzer ladies and buddies gone? What? no more spa vacation? I hope his “zombie” experience has eased him into the reality he’s back home now. So while he recovers from his glorious stay in Pasco, I’ll continue my recovery too! It’s all good! Blue will also be an important part of my healing. My wonderful friends Shellie, Julie and Patty admonished me to get Blue back into my daily routine. Get active again and don’t become sedentary (which is how I’ve been behaving lately). Thank you for bringing me out of my own “zombie” state. Blue and I will be heading to the dog park tomorrow, but the Frisbee throwing may be a bit muted for now.

at the door stepBack home again and ready to hit the road…not just yet!


Hey, life happens.
Back in April 2015 while working in Zion I started have a downward shift in my energy level. There were some disturbing bowel habit changes as well. Even though I visited my doctor in Utah nothing could be found for sure. My goal was to high-tail it back to Portland as soon as my National Park duty was complete. In short, I had some stuff going on "down below" that needed to be checked. This led to three surgeries in one month starting in September. I’m not detailing much here intentionally so forgive me. After all the tests and surgeries it was shown I don’t have any signs of Cancer (so nice!), heart issues were ruled out as well but I do have a marked weight loss (meaning I have a few more tests to go) and now a new temporary life with a "Loop Colostomy". Being tired, having a poor appetite, learning to care for an ostomy, and still trying to be as normal as possible is a bit of a challenge. For now it’s a waiting game. In about 3-6 months there should be a huge improvement, that’s what I’m hoping for. The ostomy is reversible as early as 3 months depending on healing in other areas below it. So for me this is enough detail to let everyone know why you haven’t seen much lately on this blog. For you techies there was also a change to my IP address for the blog’s database which occurred while I was in the hospital for two weeks…kind of a perfect storm. For now the storm has passed.

If you know me, you know that I take pictures of everything and it wasn’t any different during this "adventure" but after looking at the images I decided to spare everyone and myself the reality of it all. So, no bags of Type A positive blood, close up images of the "alien baby" sticking out of my gut, none of the needles going in, and purple bruises on abdomen and arms or the down low. I’m happily recovering in my mobile hermitage for the duration. I won’t be returning to Zion

What about Blue? I haven’t seen him since Sept 15th when Patty Ledgerwood drove 500 miles roundtrip to pick him up and whisk him off to Pasco where he is being spoiled and cared for until I can get my act together. I’m so lucky to have Mack and Patty as my friends. So, Blue is on a vacation in the place where he was born in 2007.Blue in the lap of luxury!! Mack and Patty Ledgerwood
Blue is sitting on Mack’s lap. 


I feel Blessed. This too will pass….. and all will be well again!
fingers crossed

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