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Coquille Point High Waves
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After last nights wind storm and heavy rains, Coquille Point in Bandon is a sea of churning white water and high waves. You can see people standing on the rocks below our viewpoint. The National Weather Service has posted alerts warning folks to stay away for the waves and off of piers and jetties. This is the first storm of the season.

Nice to be moving again. It’s been about four months since our last entry on Earth Day in May. Since then we departed Zion National Park and landed in Portland, OR until today. Now, we’re in Bandon, Oregon and enjoying the cool ocean breezes for the next month. This is a nice change from the 80’s and 90’s inland.

Lots of money got spent during this year’s stay. New Tires, Transmission Service, New Air Dryer (the coach has air brakes), a new refrigerator (I replaced the original with another expensive propane/electric frig), Blue had several teeth removed (14 total, yes you read that right….fourteen!!), 7500 watt Onan Generator service, the usual annual RV maintenance and my own Dental and Medical maintenance routine. In the end we spent about 7 grand taking care of business. Fortunately much of work done this year won’t need to be performed again for a while.

blue_anesthesia Blue awakening from his anesthesia. Poor little guy!

The X-Rays showing shadowy areas around the base of some of his teeth. These are the teeth which show the extent of his periodontal disease. In total 14 teeth were removed.

Fourteen teeth is a lot. If you want to see them…just click this picture, but be warned…not pretty!teeth_out

Blue happy to be home from the vet!

In with the Big Boys!
The motorhome had new tires put on it back in 2007. Seven years is a time when modern tires need to be scrutinized for flaws, cracking, bulging, etc so rather than pushing my luck I had them changed while in Portland. NO sales tax in Oregon is a big help when you spend $3500 for new tires.

As you can see the old tires look fine but for motorhome’s it’s the age of the tires more than the wear on the treads.

After we left Portland we spent two days at Cummins Northwest in Coburg. They offered complimentary hookups during our stay. Every morning they take the coach into the shop for the day and return it around 5pm. During the day we’re homeless. The coach needed Air Dryer and Transmission service, annual RV and Onan Generator maintenance plus a couple of minor repairs. $2000. 
bikeoff The hitch and bike rack needed to be removed for the day. The travelling herb garden enjoyed the sun while Blue and I took off to explore Eugene. 

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