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nasa_selfie_zionNP This is our selfie from Zion !

For Earth Day this year, NASA invited people around the world to step outside to take a "selfie" and share it with the world on social media. NASA released Thursday a new view of our home planet created entirely from those photos. First, here’s a short video which shows a few of the folks who participated.

Blue and I made it into the short video created by NASA to celebrate Earth Day 2014. Our video image is at 1:06 (still don’t know where we are in the Mosaic Version, but it’s fun to zoom in and look). Below is the final Global Selfie!! If you make it go full screen it’s even better.
If you zoom into the images of the earth you’ll be able to see everyone who participated in the NASA GlobalSelfie Earth Day 2014 Event. The 3.2 gigapixel Global Selfie mosaic, hosted by GigaPan, was made with 36,422 individual images that were posted to social media sites on or around Earth Day, April 22, 2014.

tinyhouseRVdeskfolks  Click the Pics to make them Grow!
“We are going nomadic… in May of 2013 my boyfriend Len and I are going to hit the road from Boston to California the ‘long way’. We plan to live in a custom built Gypsy style pull behind trailer for 6+ months of exploring/visiting across the Great USA. In this Blog you will find the account of our build out. I want to try to include as much of the process and so I’m starting now. At the planning stage. Stay tuned and enjoy!”
Becky and Len Bourgeois decided to hit the road young and with style. Becky loved the idea of RVing at an early age but wasn’t attracted to living in the usual Winnebago style so she explored the notion of a custom tiny house with wheels. As Becky puts it, “ I’d like to thank friends for trying to talk me into something more reasonable. like a Westfalia.(too small?)  or an Airstream (too expensive?) None of the encouragement did any good.  We started this project after much too little time (my opinion) reading some folks blogs who had done similar projects.  Sketching some rough ideas of what I was picturing…. classic Vardo wooden framed round roof design.”  Becky and Len invite folks to ask questions about the process they used to realize their dream home on the road. Check out: http://tinysugarshack.tumblr.com/

tinyhouseRV Here’s a series of pictures that try to capture the spirit of their style. The pictures aren’t perfect because of the distortion caused by trying to shoot in a tight space using my Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) but you get the idea, right?  Needless to mention, Len and Becky have a lot of style! 




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