…almost like you're along for the ride

030314Today is day three for the 2014 Camping Season in South Campground of Zion. If you like a cool start to your day this is the time to be here. In the forties at dawn and up into the sixties (F) as the day warms. When the sun rises the only way to get a glimpse of it from deep in the canyon is by looking at the opposite wall. This image is of West Temple as it “ignites” every morning.


We’re set for the season to open in the 128 site South Campground at Zion NP. The short move from the Watchman Campground (about a quarter mile) was proceeded by a 50 mile drive to bring the engine up to operating temperature. The Onan 7500 watt generator was run under a load as well. Everything worked as normal and the CAT engine started on the first turn of the key after sitting for three months. To be clear, I run the engine for an hour at least once a month while it’s “sitting” in one place. I bring it up to running temperature. Same with the generator running under the heaviest load I can create using either the heat pumps or the air conditions.


Spring is happening with the campgrounds three remaining apricot trees left over from the original pioneer orchards. And, with the spring rainstorms moving in from the west coast, the campsites sit empty on opening day. That will change soon.


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