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Christmas 2015pdx_card
 Click to Enlarge. Also, Blue isn’t really on the roof of the RV and it’s not really flooded but we’ve certainly had enough rain to make it so. 

We’re at home in the Great Pacific Northwest this winter as I recover from a series of unexpected medical procedures. If healing goes as expected we’ll be back on the road by summer. I want to thank you all for your emails of concern. Your caring is appreciated more than I can express in words. Also, thank you for visiting this web site even while the postings became few and far between over the last year. Since my activities are limited right now I expect there will continue to be few updates. Just mentioning that makes me sad but I don’t want this web site to be about visiting the doc. Once the wheels are moving again… I’ll be back!

What is Festivus you ask? Here’s the answer.

It’s kind of a “Back to the Future” day for Blue. He’s been on vacation in Pasco for the last several weeks while I had some medical procedures done in Portland. I left Portland at 9:30 and Mack Ledgerwood left Pasco at the same time.

20151021_093143_Richtone(HDR)   He wanted to give his vintage truck a little exercise as well. It all worked well.  We met at a halfway point in the Columbia River Gorge at the little town of Rufus. Being ill for the last couple of months has definitely brought some dark thoughts of not being able to travel again, but this little trip, the first outing I’ve taken since June, was a real wake up call for me to get well and start moving again. It was warm, clear and beautiful weather to travel.
mack and blue arrive That’s Mack and Blue in the white truck. I was hoping for a grand reunion with Blue and a nice picture or video to show everyone the happy reunion. Fact is, Blue doesn’t like traveling via car over long distances. He gets anxious and pants the entire trip and to solve that he took a puppy safe travel sedative before leaving Pasco. In a nutshell, Blue was a zombie when our grand reunion took place.

It was a quick turnaround. Blue and I were back in Portland by 1:30pm and I suspect Blue is still wondering what happened. Where have all his Schnauzer ladies and buddies gone? What? no more spa vacation? I hope his “zombie” experience has eased him into the reality he’s back home now. So while he recovers from his glorious stay in Pasco, I’ll continue my recovery too! It’s all good! Blue will also be an important part of my healing. My wonderful friends Shellie, Julie and Patty admonished me to get Blue back into my daily routine. Get active again and don’t become sedentary (which is how I’ve been behaving lately). Thank you for bringing me out of my own “zombie” state. Blue and I will be heading to the dog park tomorrow, but the Frisbee throwing may be a bit muted for now.

at the door stepBack home again and ready to hit the road…not just yet!

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