Mac’s Journey Comes to an End

Mac passed away peacefully  today as I whispered in his ear “goodnight my little boy, it’s sleeping time”, familiar words I used every evening since his puppy days.  He completely relaxed as he listened, then drifted away and sank into my arms.  Mac was my champ, my best friend and companion for 12 years.  I’m devastated by his passing and absence. Even though I knew this day would come, I wasn’t ready.

Two months ago Mac had been diagnosed with a chronic liver disorder and was put on a regime of drugs. Some days were ok and some were difficult and painful for him. This morning, like too many other mornings, he was hunched in pain and vomiting.  But today was different, he was laboring to breath and listless. Instinctively Mac and I knew the time was near and with his fading blue eyes looking into mine. We communicated.  It was clear and this moment of clarity broke my heart. He was ready to end his journey.

And so it is with tears in my eyes and Mac in my memories I bid farewell to my Buddy, my Noble “Son of Fire”, Mac and Legacy’s Mackay.
Mac, you and the good times we had will be forever in my heart.
Goodnight my little boy.