A Holiday Visitor: Jerry Chadwick

Jerry Chadwick from Oregon My good friend Jerry Chadwick made a surprise visit here this week. Jerry is a member of Shoreline Education for Awareness, the volunteer group I joined two years ago to help monitor and interpret the marine wildlife along the southern Oregon Coast. Being a hardy, adventurous soul, Jerry decided to travel through this area during it’s coldest season. Good to see you Jerry and thanks for the little stash of salmon and oysters reminding me of how much I enjoyed my stay in Bandon and Coos Bay.

Snowy Watchman Campground That’s Jerry’s camper in the middle of Watchman Campground. You’ll need to click the picture to find it. All the pictures in my blog are clickable for a closer look.

Bridge Mountain (Crawford's) Arch By the way, directly above the cab of Jerry’s camper is “Crawford’s Arch” on Bridge Mountain in the background. It’s hard to see, but I always like pointing it out. It’s one of those geologic gems few people can locate, can you?