A Curious Find

mystery stoneIt’s the rock, the wet one, in the lower third of this image.

While accompanying my pup ,Blue on a walk along the Virgin River I came across a curious, old river rock. It’s not a large rock, but it’s still hefty enough to require a lot of muscle power to place or remove it. There, lying upside down in the river, it has a three word phrase cut into the red stone.  Here’s a closeup of the stone. After close inspection it has the phrase: RED ROCK LOUNGE cut into the stone in an old style font or print.

This is truly a mysterious find. Was it placed here by someone? Did it wash down the river from higher up in the canyon due to many floods like last year’s “century” flood?

Is this a tongue-in-cheek remnant from the old 1920’s worker’s encampment up river, which housed the workers who cut the mile long Mount Carmel Tunnel?



Is it a modern day joke rock?  If anyone has any idea as to how this rock landed here and why it has such a curious phrase deeply cut into the stone, please let me know. In the meantime, the Zion National Park division of archeology and resources has seen my images of the rock. I’ll post here if something comes of this.