A Tragic Day in Rockville


UPDATE: The two pictures above were taken Dec 17th. Please Click the images. They are large and will require you to use your horizontal and vertical scroll bars to view the entire scene. You’ll be able to see exactly where the rocks broke loose. According to witnesses there first was a landslide below the rocky ledge then the large rocks on top broke loose and tumbled onto the house and garage. It’s awful.

Our weekly grocery run takes us by this house along Utah State Hwy 9. It’s about 5 miles from where we are in Zion NP. The design of the place inspires fantasies of living in such a dream house. It’s heartbreaking to know the folks inside probably thought the same.

But, it is no more, they died in their home last evening. The ancient rocky sandstone cliffs directly behind the home did what they’ve done for a million years. They collapsed in another canyon building event. This is nothing new for the canyon walls. This is the way it works. And as tragic as this is for the townspeople and especially for the two people killed and their families and friends , it was nothing that shouldn’t have been expected. Our fragile human lives exist for nothing but a moment of a moment in geologic time. My heart goes out to their families and all who loved them. Jeff Elsey and Maureen Morris were living their dream in this house. These links are Facebook links.

This picture of the house was taken by Jeff Elsey just last week.
“Look at this beautiful snow falling. Just a "Winter Wonderland" here in Rockville. Inside sitting by the fire being cozy. I should make a snowman.” – Jeff Elsey wrote this on Facebook Dec 9th

More information from  Fox 13 TV -“Two people are dead after a rock slide destroyed their Rockville home while they were inside it Thursday.

Rockville Mayor Dan McGuire identified the couple as Jeff Elsey and Maureen Morris.

Officers said the rocks fell several hundred feet from a cliff above the house and completely destroyed the home. No other homes were affected.

After crews responded scene, they said they found the bodies of Elsey and Morris. Crews called off the recovery of the victims Thursday night because of the cold conditions and the unstable structure.

“They found two deceased bodies inside of the residence,” Said Springdale Police Chief Kurt Wright. “They’re close together in proximity. Obviously the large boulders have done a lot of damage to the house and also to the deceased, so we’re going to wait until morning to attempt to continue with the recovery.”

Crews successfully recovered the bodies Friday after using heavy equipment to break through the boulders.

Rockville is about two miles outside of Springdale, the gateway to Zion National Park.”

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A Comment from Jerry Chadwick:
Tragic. Makes me aware again of the  Sufi saying I carry in my wallet:
"Cease, Man,to mourn, to weep, to wail;
enjoy the shining hour of sun;
We dance along Deaths icy brink,
but is the dance less full of fun?"