River Research

Monitoring the fish population on the Stanilaus River FishBio has on-going research and monitoring projects on the Stanilaus River among several others and their tributaries in the San Joaquin Valley.  The ecology research company is based nearby in Oakdale, CA. and is committed to protecting and restoring fisheries and natural environments worldwide. Today was just a routine check for fish species and water quality. Examing the contents - a few small fish found today.

Communication Problems

No Directv or Motosat
      So far, my time on the road hasn’t had any connection difficulties but that has changed. Being a camp host at the McHenry Recreation Area, just north of Modesto, CA, requires we be in one place, “The Host Camp Site”. Overhead trees are not the problem but the surrounding trees are. The satellites necessary for my internet and tv reception are located at a much lower angle now that we’ve moved north.  We have trees, branches, masses of mistletoe and the like, which act as a barrier for getting good reception. The fog in the morning doesn’t help either.  I was unable to get both the Motosat internet and the DirecTV to work at the same time. So, I purchased a Verizon Air Card for the internet. Verizon has placed a 5 gig/month usage restriction on the card at a price of 60 dollars a month. I normally use 6+ gigs with the Motosat , which allows higher usage limits since you can download large files in the middle of the night with no restrictions. Verizon offers nothing like that, but the Card is a much faster internet solution. To use the Air Card instead of the Satellite means I need to shut down the Motosat which costs $50 or leave it on and pay a monthly $77 for nothing. So, I temporarily shut down the satellite internet in favor of the Verizon Air Card. TV reception is still a problem yet to be solved but I suspect I’ll have to forego using the KingDome mounted on the roof and going with a portable dish and tripod. I’m looking for a supplier. None of this comes cheap.escalon_dome_trees
The view from the edge of the KingDome satellite TV. You can see the mass of trees and branches blocking the signal.

Directv Dish installed on a post
The solution for stable television reception was to purchase and install a separate Directv dish where it could see the southern sky and then run a coax to the SAT IN connector of the shore power compartment.

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